Liposuction And The Different Methods Of The Procedure

Liposuction And The Different Methods Of The Procedure

July 27, 2023

Liposuction and the Different Methods of the Procedure


Anna Woodward

One of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery is liposuction. The procedure removes stubborn fat cells. It will get rid of unwanted excess fat in certain areas and improve the appearance of your body. It can help improve the shape of your body, and help smooth and contour irregular body shapes. The fat removal surgery gets rid of fat in problem areas including the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks, hips, and thighs. The procedure can be used to shape and contour the chin, neck, and cheeks. Different methods of fat removal are available.

Tumescent Technique

The most common type of liposuction is the tumescent technique. It is a method that uses fluid injection. Before the fat is removed, a large amount of medical solution is injected into the areas. The fluid helps numb the area and reduce the loss of blood. The solution makes the fat easier to remove and it is suctioned out with the fat. This surgery can take longer than other methods.

Ultrasound Assisted Method


With the ultrasound-assisted method, the doctor uses ultrasonic vibrations to liquefy the fat cells. The cells can be suctioned out after they have been liquefied. This method can be done two ways. It can be done external, which is above the skin surface and using an emitter. For internal, which is below the skin surface, a small, heated cannula is used. The cannula is a special instrument used for liposuction.

Suction Assisted Technique

The traditional method of fat removal surgery is the suction assisted method. A higher vacuum is involved in the removal of fat with this method. A think cannula or tube is connected to the vacuum or suction machine, and is inserted under the skin where a small incision has been made. To break up the fat, the surgeon uses a back and forth motion under the skin.

Power Assisted Technique

The power-assisted technique uses a power source to increase the motion of the cannula. It is the traditional suction method but has the addition of the power source. This can break up the fat quicker. It will speed up the fat removal process. The surgeon often has better control over the shaping and movement with this method.

Laser Assisted Method

The laser method is the newest method that is being studied for fat removal. The theory about this method is the laser would act the same as ultrasound to break up fat cells. When the cells are disrupted, they would be removed. Using a laser may be less traumatic for patients.

If you have stubborn fat bulges or want your body shape to be smoother in places, liposuction can help. You are able to have a smoother appearance and more sculpted shape after the procedure. With the surgery, you can have a more defined and improved shape. The cosmetic surgery can help those trouble spots look better.

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Liposuction and the Different Methods of the Procedure