5 Most Popular Ways People Were Caught Cheating Last Year!

5 Most Popular Ways People Were Caught Cheating Last Year!

May 2, 2023

5 Most Popular Ways People Were Caught Cheating Last Year!



Here is a list of the top ways people were caught cheating last year. I compilied it via looking at numerous articles and blogs on infedelity, and scanning social media sites for cheating spouse discussions.

Let’s get started!

Top 5 Ways People Were Caught Cheating In 2009!


1) Cell Phone. Last year, almost 30% of spouses were caught cheating via their cell phone. Think Tiger Woods with this one. Suspicious spouses just had to grab their partner’s cell phone and read their text messages to catch them red handed. As cell phones become more feature rich, people continue to use them as their primary method of both voice and text based communication. Unfortunately for cheating spouses, they often forget to delete their records, which leaves an easy trail of their transgressions. What is the last thing a cheating spouse wants to hear when they come home? “Let me see your cell phone!”

2) PC Spy Software. Using PC spy software is the second most popular way a spouse was caught cheating in 2009. Today’s PC spy software is far more advanced than most people think. This software now records chat conversations, emails, takes screen shots, and a few of them even have options where you can monitor their PC live (For info on pc spy software with live pc monitoring, check out SniperSpy at www.sniperspypc.com). Most of the research I’ve read indicates that spouses were caught cheating via the contents of the chat conversations and browsing history. One thing to point out though, is that it might be against the law to install any type of software without the owner’s consent, even if it’s your spouse!

3) Cell Phone Spyware. A surprising number of spouses were caught cheating by cell phone spyware. If you’ve not heard of this, then read on because it’s becoming very popular. Finding out that a large number of spouses were caught via cell phone spyware surprised me. This type of software is relatively new, so it’s quite shocking to see this method make the headlines as one of the most popular ways a spouse caught their partner cheating. The way cell phone spyware works, is that a suspicious spouse installs it on their partner’s cell phone. The software will then secretly record all incoming and outgoing text messages, call logs, and even track their every move via GPS. Some of the more advanced versions of this software even give you the ability to listen in on live calls and remotely activate the cell phone’s microphone. For the BEST spy phone resource site on the net, go to www.spyphoneguy.com. Lots of great spy phone reviews, news, and tips.

4) Stealth GPS Trackers. GPS tracking devices have surged in popularity in recent years. It’s no surprise that this has quietly become a popular way for spouses to catch their cheating partners. A simple search on Google, uncovers hundreds of companies selling very small GPS tracking devices, which can easily be placed on or inside their partner’s car. Once the GPS unit is activated, their every movement is tracked, giving the suspicious spouse visibility into the location of their partner. This will enable them to find out if their spouse really is “at the office” or someplace else.

5) Private Investigator. Despite all the technology available to people, some decide to track down their cheating spouse the old fashion way. The practice of hiring a private investigator is becoming less common, but it’s still a popular and effective way to get the evidence required for a spouse to prove their partner is having an affair.

Hope you enjoyed this list of the top 5 Ways People Were Caught Cheating In 2009. It will be interesting to see what tactics are used in 2010, as more people are using cell phones and social media to communicate and meet up. Perhaps we’ll see roughly the same methods or maybe something entirely new? Only time will tell.

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