Using A Drywall Sander In Drywall Projects

Using A Drywall Sander In Drywall Projects

February 22, 2022

By Eric J. Slarkowski

You must follow a few simple steps before starting a drywall finishing project. Before beginning, though, you will need materials including a putty trial, sandpaper, a tray, joint putty and a scraper.

To start, sand down the walls to remove any lumps and then wipe down the wall to remove any sand. Continue sanding until a clear white area is visible, but this step is not applicable for wood walls. If there are holes in the wall, use the putty trial and scraper to apply the joint putty and fill in the holes. Sometimes an extra coat is needed. Simply repeat this procedure until the hole is completely filled, after which time you will need to scrape it down until it is smooth. It is important to smooth out the surface and wash the wall before applying the drywall in order to free the area of any dust. Also, be sure the area is dry before sandpapering the surface. A drywall sander may also help smooth the surface during the sandpapering step.


Once the above steps are finished, you are now ready to start the drywall procedure according to the steps provided in the kit purchased. After the drywall procedure is finished, you can apply paint to the area to make it look more appealing. You will likely need to apply at least two coasts of paint to reach an acceptable look. Of course, allow the base coast to dry before putting anything against the drywall area.

Once the painting is finished and has completely dried, you can decorate the room while adding texture by purchasing new curtains that blend with the paint, for example. Flowers are vases can also offset the paint and help accessorize the room. To be even more creative, you can drywall the ceiling by twirling which will provide a popcorn effect. This same technique can be used on your walls if you would like. Twirls can also be created to resemble such things as flowers, roses or leaves.

Overall, it may cost less than a hundred dollars to drywall and paint your home, or it could cost more than one hundred. In the end, though, the value of your home will increase as well as the appearance. Once the project is finished, you can start to build even more equity in your home. What a good deal! You can increase the value of your home by thousands while only spending possibly a couple hundred dollars. If you have the extra money available to spend, invest it into your home. Though drywall is fairly simple, it is time consuming. The longer you wait, the more time you will spend remodeling your home and wasting money on energy costs that could be avoided by installing new drywall.

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