The Importance Of Daycare Centers

The Importance Of Daycare Centers

September 22, 2023

By Loren Yadeski

Daycare centers give an important service to the community. They help parents in providing children with many important and necessary elements of child care like health monitoring, good nutrition and lessons in environmental safety. In some communities, children coming from low income families can even get child health insurance. Daycare centers are tasked to provided quality early education and care which can influence positively the children’s development and their learning abilities. Many studies in fact have revealed that the children’s success later in life has a lot to do with their experience of receiving quality care. This shows that indeed improving the services provided by child care centers all over the country can greatly benefit our children and the entire citizenry as a whole. Improved child care services is critical to the children’s development and will help them to become successful not only in school but as adults later in their lives. Investing in quality child care is a must; it should be a part of development of our human capital.

One important study conducted in 2000 entitled ‘America’s Child Care Crisis: A Crime Prevention Tragedy’ revealed that young people who underwent high quality child care during their early formative years are less likely to be involved in crimes resulting to their arrest when they become older. Another positive influence of quality child care provided by daycare centers involves their increased economic impact as children became adults. Adults who received quality child care have better jobs and higher earnings resulting to increased tax revenues for their communities. As a consequence, there are less welfare outlays, reduced expenses allocated for health, education and other social services, lower costs of maintaining the criminal justice system.


Parents today are realizing the importance of daycare centers in their children’s development. They are looking for daycare centers that not only will take care of their child while they are away but also will provide quality, real-life learning opportunities and experiences. These learning opportunities will ensure that children are prepared not only for their academic life in school but also for real life situations outside the daycare center and their own homes. Parents now are savvy enough to want assurance that they are leaving their children to people, caregivers and other daycare center staff, who are in the business of daycare centers not only for economic reasons but also because of genuine love and affection for children. While state licenses and permits can prove that the daycare center is legally operating, only the presence of people who really care what happens to children will qualify as quality child care providers.

Starting your own daycare center can be a very rewarding experience. Knowing that you are positively contributing to the formation of our children towards becoming mature, responsible and productive adulthood is a great motivator for wanting to own a daycare center. With your initiative and good example, you can both earn more than enough to keep yourself financially stable, and provide quality child care services that our country needs today.

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