Combining Trade Show Exhibit And Computer Presentation For A Big Impact

Combining Trade Show Exhibit And Computer Presentation For A Big Impact

November 18, 2022

Combining Trade Show Exhibit And Computer Presentation For A Big Impact


Chris Harmen

Have you ever wished that you could combine the great presentation that you gave at last month’s trade meeting with the trade show exhibit your company is using at this month’s convention? In the past, that combination was all but impossible. The technology to successfully bridge the gap between booth and computer just didn’t exist yet. In today’s trade show display, the opposite is true: collaboration between booth and technology is second nature. There are many ways to incorporate computer presentations of all kinds, both in your existing units and in new ones that you might purchase at a future date.


Technique #1: Add A Monitor To Your Trade Show Exhibit This is perhaps the simplest way to add some technological spice to your booth. You don’t need to change the booth itself at all; assuming that you have something sturdy enough to bear the weight of a small monitor, you won’t need to do anything. Simply purchase the monitor and buy the necessary cables to provide a connection between a laptop or desktop and the monitor. Then connect the screen to your trade show display, preferably high up so it’s above the heads of the crowd and can be seen at a distance. The type of connection required will vary depending on what type of devices you are using. If you have doubts, contact the computer manufacturer and hardware manufacturer. In most cases, the cable type is clear and connection is not an issue. Simply ensure that you have enough cable length to make it from one port to the other, and that you can keep the cable itself from becoming a tripping hazard. Technique #2: Invest In A Trade Show Display With A Built-In Projection Screen While this technique is a bit more expensive, it has a really strong impact on your visitors. For this technique, contact your normal trade show exhibit retailer. Ask them whether they offer a unit with a built-in projection screen. Their model should allow for front or rear projection to give you the utmost freedom in organizing present and future design endeavors. Ideally, the company should either offer a projector or at least know of one that they recommend for use with their product. If your company can’t offer this, search out another reliable source that can. The major advantage to this kind of style is that it attracts attention right to your slideshow or other presentation. It becomes the focal point of your entire booth, ensuring that you never have a problem communicating it to people. This is particularly vital if your trade show exhibit is promoting a small item; you can present the details to visitors using computer-assisted magnification without them losing interest. No matter which type of system you choose, you’re making a smart choice by adding a presentation to your trade show display. People love moving images, and they love to understand more about things. When you have a presentation, you’re capturing the best of both those characteristics. Play up the presentation as much as you like, or leave it playing constantly. Whichever method you choose, a high quality presentation will have a positive impact on your convention presence.

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